The Hydro Pod

Real-World Applications Demonstrate the Broad Scope of the Hydro Pod Project

What Makes Us Different?

Hydro Pod provides solutions to sustainable agriculture.


Hydro Pod is one of the first of its kind, including a feedback loop to regress towards perfect environmental conditions.


Our project yielded promising results towards sustainable agriculture.


The mechanism is versatile and can be customized for different life forms.


See our documents to understand the inner-mechanisms and apply them to your projects.

Our Mission

We at Hydro Pod aim to educate the population on a sustainable farming mechanism.

The system allowed for precise control and adjustment of variables such as light intensity, spectrum, and cycle. Climate conditions such as air temperature, ambient CO2 concentration, and air circulation. Nutrient solution conditions such as pH, electrical conductivity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen concentration, the flow rates of nutrient solution to trays, tray seed density, and seed types.

The project served as a piece of laboratory equipment, utilized by students from diverse disciplines, including environmental, agricultural, electrical, and chemical engineering, as well as biology, horticulture, and agriculture majors.

Its versatility enabled students to design and conduct their own experiments, exploring the effects of specific environmental parameters on microgreen growth and optimizing the system accordingly.

The system also served as a proof of concept for determining optimal greenhouse conditions in industrial or commercial microgreen cultivation.

By exploring the effects of various parameters on microgreen growth, it offered insights into creating optimized conditions for higher yields and quality in commercial settings.

The Hydropod's adaptability allowed students to design experiments, gaining hands-on experience in determining the influence of environmental parameters on microgreen growth.

It fostered creativity and critical thinking in experimental design, promoting interdisciplinary learning and collaboration.